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Best betting sites in Austria for 2022

The love of sports in Austria is not just for winter sports. Even in the summer, there is more passion for sports in this country than many people think. So it is no coincidence that sports betting is also becoming more and more popular. One consequence: more and more bookmakers are vying for the favor of customers in the Austrian market.

So if you’re looking for the best sports betting site in Austria for 2022, you’ve come to the right place. Here we compare the best Austrian bookmakers in different categories and provide useful information on how to bet on sports online in Austria.

Top 5 best sports betting sites for Austrian players

  1. Woo Casino;
  2. 7Bit Casino;
  3. National Casino;
  4. Playamo Casino;
  5. Lucky Days Casino.

Sports betting laws and regulations in Austria

Sports betting has always played an important role in Austria.Long before there were online bookmakers, people played in local bookmaker offices. For example, there were betting shops in Tyrol back in the 1980s. With the advent of the Internet, however, sports betting became even more popular. Right in the middle of the betting boom: Austria. Because many well-known bookmakers originated in Austria.

Today, the number of online betting companies in the Alpine republic is already approaching 100. However, it is not just local, Austrian bookmakers as well as international bookmakers have long recognized the importance of the Austrian betting market and offer their sports betting in this country.

Sports betting is not illegal in Austria. Unlike in Germany, sports betting is not subject to a state monopoly on gambling. That is why there have been different types of sports betting providers in Austria for a very long time. Thus, the basic legality of sports betting is not questioned. Another question, which can only be clarified in individual cases, is whether a betting provider has a legal offer in Austria. According to our experience in recent years, bookmakers with an EU license are fully accepted in Austria.

The most famous licenses belong to the Malta Gambling Commission or Gibraltar. Anyone looking for a sports betting license in Austria won’t find what they’re looking for, but they don’t need to. Providers who can show a Maltese or Gibraltar license can be considered serious in most cases and therefore offer the best basis.

Is online sports betting legal in Austria?

Although there is some disagreement between Austrian and EU laws regarding online gambling www.bestcasinosincanada.net/country/austria, in short, online sports betting is legal in Austria and players can access both domestic and foreign betting sites without problems.

How to choose the best site for betting in Austria

For a betting site in Austria to be the best, these criteria must also be filled in. Modern online betting in Austria is much more than a hobby or a job for many players. It is a passion.Thus, every single sports betting provider in Austria falls under the following important categories:

Safety, license and seriousness of Austrian betting sites

Before we sign up for a sports betting site in Austria, we have to check its security aspects. This means that without a valid license and valid SSL certificates protecting the website, they should not be considered. If two specifications are given, you should check the sports betting forums where active customers exchange how they rate the provider. You should only take into account if one of the largest bookmakers in Austria positively affects its customers.

Bonus offers and requirements at online bookmakers in Austria

There is no more important strategy for your online betting in Austria than activating a new customer bonus. Look very carefully to see if the offer is right for you and check if it is easy and easy for newcomers. Look closely to see if there are any tricks to meeting the betting requirements.

Betting Offers.

A good sports betting site in Austria offers you at least 25 different sports. Ideally up to 30 pieces, including, of course, major sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball or winter sports. There are a few side sports such as darts, table tennis or badminton that should also be available.

And the best sports betting sites in Austria select tipsters for each sport with decent depth of play. Depth of play is the number of betting options you are offered per game. Here we assume that major sports such as soccer and the major leagues have at least 150 options per game. The more the better. Because experienced tipsters, in particular, want to delve into that.

By the way, providers vary considerably in depth of play. There are bookmakers who compete in 15 sports and 60 levels of play with providers who cover 30 or more sports and offer more than 300 options for depth of play.

Odds on Austrian betting sites

You always want to get the best odds for sports betting in Austria. When you place a bet, your bet is multiplied by the odds. The result is a profit. The higher the odds, the better. This is a kind of ranking, so to speak, where you can see which bookmakers offer you the best possible odds for a particular option. But all good bookmakers in Austria offer different odds.

Customer Service

Of course, all the best betting shops in Austria rely on customer service. Without it, they wouldn’t have to try to position themselves in the market. First, check the contact options here. Ideally, you can contact them via chat, contact form and, if possible, a hotline. We attach great importance to the fact that customer service speaks German to you. And ideally, it is open 24/7. This means that you don’t have to wait to get in touch with it.

Usability and convenience of online betting sites in Austria

Of course, players are also interested in usability.It is very important that players on the portals do not have to scroll or click long distances. We also want the betting coupon to remain in the viewing window when scrolling. What matters in this category is whether or not a newcomer who has never bet before can navigate the portal. That’s why the category of testing sports betting for usability is particularly important.

Different payment options and good commissions

To start betting, you first need to make a credit to the bookmaker.To be able to do this quickly, you will find a separate category for sports betting payment options.So, of course, the choice of payment methods should be huge. Bookmakers should be sure to provide transparency and freedom from commissions to be reliable.

How to bet on sports in Austria

Before you can bet online in Austria, there are a few steps to follow. The process only takes a few minutes, so you can start betting in a matter of minutes.

Register at an Austrian bookmaker’s office

To start betting, you must first visit the sports betting website of your choice in Austria and click the account registration button, usually in the top right corner of the platform. This button leads to a form where you need to enter your email address, username and password. Here you can also enter any promo codes available to you for financial benefits on the platform. After you have submitted your registration, you will receive a welcome e-mail from the bookmaker’s office with a confirmation link which you must click. This is how you confirm that this is indeed your email account.


Then you can replenish your game balance using one of the various payment methods. To do this, go to the deposit section and select the desired deposit option. The payment methods can be bank cards, cryptocurrencies and different digital wallets such as MiFinity, Sofort, Giropay or Paysafecard. After selecting your preferred payment method, complete the transaction.Enter your payment details and the amount you wish to deposit on the platform.

Place your bets on the Austrian betting site

Now you are ready to go! Depending on the deposit method, the money often appears within a very short time.At the top of the Austrian sports betting site you will find a menu with different types of bets. You will then see that the platform is divided into columns. You can select the sports and competitions you want to bet on. In the center you will see the sporting events corresponding to your choice. On the right, you’ll see details of your bet, allowing you to confirm it when the time comes. If you click on a game, you’ll see many other betting options. Finally, on the right side of the screen we can see our choices.Enter the amount of money you want to bet, check the potential winnings, and then confirm the bet.

Popular sports and markets to bet on in Austria

While there are many sports to bet on, not all of them are popular among Ugandan punters. These are not necessarily the most popular sports in the country, but some of them, such as tennis and basketball, make big profits in the long run. Here are the most popular sports to bet on in Uganda:


The most famous league is the Austrian soccer league, represented every year by clubs such as «RB Salzburg» in the Champions League and the Europa League. Betting on this league can be found in almost every major bookmaker’s office in Austria. At least when the league is not on summer break. But in addition to the national league, Austrian bettors like to bet on other soccer competitions such as the Champions League, top 5 leagues, etc.


The Austrian basketball league also has a very decent level. The problem is that betting on basketball lags far behind betting on soccer. So don’t offer bets on smaller leagues, in the case of basketball it is often limited to betting on the NBA and two or three national leagues plus national teams.

Winter sports

On the other hand, winter sports such as ski jumping or alpine skiing are very common and well represented in Austria. Bookmakers offer several bets on these sports in winter. Individuals here are usually in demand, but also in team disciplines, the Austrian team is also very often among the leaders. Not without reason winter sports are very popular in Austria.

Types of bets in Austria

As already mentioned, soccer is by far the most popular sport for betting in Austria, and so betting on soccer will be the most popular betting type in the country. Although you can choose from dozens of types of bets and markets, these are the most popular among Austrian punters.

3 and 2 Outcome Betting

3 and 2 outcomes are the classic types of bets by a wide margin and since a soccer match is known to end in a home team victory, away team victory or a draw, we are mainly dealing with 3 outcome bets. In this case, 1 corresponds to a win for the home team, 2 to a win for the guests, and X to a draw. Usually this is the result after the usual 90 minutes, but in some cases it can be the result after regular game time, and the added time is always taken into account. You must always keep this in mind in the knockout phase of international competitions or in national cups, which have their own laws.

In the latter two cases, we are also faced with two-sided stakes. In dual doubles, such as the knockout phases of European Champions Cup competitions, 2 denotes the home team and 1 denotes the visiting team in the first match.

More/Less Bets

On most sports betting sites in Austria you will see more/lower bets as the second type of betting on soccer matches. This is due to the fact that this betting opportunity is extremely popular. And in this regard, it is bitter that it is not always suitable to convert the bonus amount.

More/Less bets are all about predicting whether more or fewer goals will be scored than the specified number of goals. Betting on the total more/lower than 2.5 goals in soccer is a classic by a wide margin. Basically, you can bet on less than 3.5 goals or more than 1.5 goals. All this also applies to goals in the half of the game or team.

Goal Betting

Another popular bet on goals is the probability that both teams will score goals. In this context, you often see the acronym BTTS, which stands for «Both teams will score. And this type of bet actually speaks for itself. If you click «Yes» you need goals from both sides to win a sports bet. However, if you answer «No» only one of the two opponents can score a goal. It is also possible pre-match bets on one of the two halves of the game.

You can also combine this type of bets with more/less bets. Some bookmakers in Austria offer this option. For others, for example, a combination using the configurator is possible.

First/Full Time Bets

They also speak for themselves. In this case, it’s as if you’re betting on three outcomes for the first half of the game and one for the second half, all together. As with regular 3 outcome bets, regular game time is always taken into account.Half/full time bets are useful if you suspect that a team will miss a lead at halftime or will bounce back after a change of sides. They are quite difficult to guess, but the odds are very high.

Double odds betting

It is not uncommon for teams with a team of players who are clearly stronger on paper and with clearly more potential to go through a negative streak. If they meet opponents who have not lost in several championship games and are therefore brimming with confidence,this type of bet is always worth considering at odds of 1.55 or higher.

Best bonuses, free bets and promotions on Austrian online betting sites

Depending on the betting on sports sites in Austria, you can get all sorts of bonuses for betting. The most important types of sports betting bonuses are briefly described below, so that you always have an overview when looking for the best betting bonus in Austria.

Types of bonuses:

Deposit Bonus;

No deposit bonus;

Free bet bonus;

No risk betting;

Increased odds;

Cashback Bonus;

Reload Bonus;

Mobile App Bonus;

And similar.

Deposit Bonus at Austrian Sportsbooks

A deposit bonus is a betting bonus that an Austrian bookmaker gives to a customer for making a deposit into a gaming account. A special distinction can be made between a deposit bonus for new customers and a deposit bonus for existing customers. Deposit bonuses can often amount to several hundred euros.

A deposit bonus as a betting bonus is always worthwhile. After all, you get this type of betting bonus directly as a result of your first deposit into your own gaming account, and then you can proceed to realize the betting bonus. In addition, you have a free choice of the betting bonus amount, and thus, everything is in your hands with this form of sports betting bonus.

No deposit bonus on betting sites in Austria

A no deposit bonus is a wagering bonus that does not require a deposit to get it.In this case, you can just take advantage of it and, for example, get a free bet or extra betting credit in peace. A no deposit bonus is often useful if you want to try out a new bookmaker in Austria.

The no deposit bonus is one of the most popular forms of betting bonuses. After all, you don’t need to do anything for this type of betting bonus. Not even a deposit is required to get the no deposit bonus. This betting bonus can be a free bet, for example, for which the bonus terms are often just as low.

Free bets in Austria

Free bets are a type of promotion from a bookmaker’s office that allows betting enthusiasts to bet without using their own balance.There are many different options, and the number of free bets usually varies. They are usually offered either when you register at a bookmaker’s office or on the occasion of major sporting events.

Some bookmakers offer free bets as a bonus for new customers. Many find this form of betting bonus especially interesting because they can take more risk with their first bet. At best, players will be happy with a big win, and at worst, the bet is lost thanks to the betting bonus, not the money.

Risk free betting at Austrian bookmakers

Risk-free betting sounds as great as it is. Basically, they are sports betting provider promotions that are a kind of insurance for sports betting because your bet is protected against certain events.

Many Austrians find them interesting because it allows them to make somewhat risky bets in the beginning without their own risk.If the bet is lost, players don’t lose money. Instead, a betting bonus goes into effect, and players get their bet back in peace.

Increasing the odds

High odds are one of the most popular factors in betting in Austria. No wonder: betting with high odds promises high profits. Increasing odds are bonus campaigns with which the bookmaker’s office significantly increases certain odds. They are available for both new and existing customers. Here, very high odds of winning are often possible. Especially popular bonus for betting in Austria.

Increased odds are offered in connection with the usual betting bonus, which may end up being useful. After all, such a betting bonus can maximize profits.

Cashback bonus in Austria

A cashback bonus is a bonus for existing customers. Basically, it is a credit for losing bets.Some bookmakers in Austria refund a small percentage of losses over a certain period of time (a week or a month). Often 10 to 20 percent of losses can be reimbursed here.

Cashback bonus is also a particularly popular betting bonus, usually for existing customers. After all, not every bet is successful. In this case, it’s nice to know that you are at least somehow protected by a betting bonus like the cashback bonus.At the end of the month, this betting bonus gives you back at least part of your money as a cashback.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonus is also known as a deposit bonus for existing customers. As the name implies, it is only given to existing customers of the sports betting provider. Reload bonuses are usually smaller than deposit bonuses for new customers. However, they are often very attractive and promise high profits.

Accordingly, with this betting bonus you have the opportunity to get extra capital for your sports betting even if you have been there for a long time. A great thing for every existing customer!

Mobile app bonus on Austrian online betting sites

Betting on sports via smartphones is becoming increasingly popular. Not surprisingly, more and more betting apps are popping up in the Austrian sports betting market. Betting sites are even encouraging customers to use betting apps more. There is a so-called Mobile App Bonus for this.This is a betting bonus that applies only for use with cell phones.

The Mobile App Bonus is probably the perfect bonus for all sports betting app users. After all, you already get this bonus for using the app and can expect to receive additional betting credit. However, in some cases, this form of betting bonus is still dependent on more minor conditions, such as signing up through the sports betting app.

Payment methods on Austrian betting sites

Deciding which payment method of a betting site is best for you personally is, of course, entirely up to you.The choice has now become huge, there are many options that have different advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you should think in advance about which factors are particularly important to you. Here are the most popular payment methods that every good sports betting site in Austria should cover.

Bank and Klarna Instant Transfer

By default, Klarna bank transfers and instant transfers are covered by all betting providers in Austria.The security factor is extremely high. The processes are simple and in principle almost the same as classic online banking. However, if you rely on a bank transfer, you can expect the longest processing time. Depending on the provider, this process can take up to five days. The advantage is that this method can be used by almost any customer without any problems. If you have a bank account that supports online banking, you can also use this method to pay for sports betting at your betting shop.

Very similar, but certainly much faster, instant transfers via Klarna sports betting. If you choose this for a deposit or withdrawal through a betting shop, a classic bank transfer will also run in the background. The difference is that Klarna directly checks if you have enough funds in your account and then informs the bookmaker, so to speak. Once this has happened, your betting provider prepays and immediately credits the desired amount to your betting account. This bookmaker payment method offers you the great advantage of being able to start placing your first sports bets right away.

Payments by credit card

Credit cards such as VISA or MasterCard are also some of the most common and popular payment methods for betting shops in Austria. Typically, your transfers are made within minutes, which is certainly a big advantage.There is almost no bookmaker’s office that does not cover this method. In addition, almost every sports betting enthusiast in Austria now has such a credit card. This option is not only highly accessible, but also familiar processes. However, there is a small drawback. If you have a MasterCard, you can only use it to make deposits.

Payouts are usually not possible, so a bank transfer works in this case. However, it takes much longer to process. In addition, depending on the credit card issuing company and bookmaker, there may sometimes be additional charges due to fees. You should check your bookmaker’s payment information in advance.

Electronic wallets

Nowadays, digital wallets can also be found almost everywhere in the payment options of betting shops in Austria. By the way, Skrill and Neteller work the same way, although they are two different payment service providers. Before you can use this option, you have to set up an account there, which is provided with individual login details. If you initiate a money transfer at your bookmaker’s office using one of these two sports betting payment methods, you will be redirected to the e-wallet website. This is where you log in with your information to confirm your identity and confirm the process. You will then be redirected back to your betting provider.

In addition to the ease of transaction and security of this option, speed is also an important benefit. Typically, your credit is available to you in just a few minutes. Since these are digital wallets in which you can store your budget,withdrawals are also easily possible using these methods. Nevertheless, some sports betting sites in Austria exclude these two sports betting payment options from the bookmaker bonus activation. Thus, you should always look at the applicable bonus terms before making your first deposit if you want to get such promotions.


Trustly is one of the most popular payment methods for sports betting in Austria. More and more well-known bookmakers are including this method in their payment portfolio. The biggest advantage of Trustly is the high speed, which is guaranteed here not only for deposits, but also for withdrawals. Your credit is usually available to you in maximum 15 minutes.

Thus, this bookmaker’s payment method promotes online transfers to the same level as spending money in an offline bookmaker’s office.Of course, maximum security is guaranteed. You do not need to install a special application for Trustly, so using this option is also particularly easy.


Generally very popular, but unfortunately very rare, betting shops cooperate with PayPal. Several years ago, this payment service provider largely left the online gambling segment. This method is no longer offered for casinos. Bookmakers, on the other hand, can still enter into cooperation, so you can sometimes find PayPal among the available betting providers as a payment method.

Essentially, it’s also an e-wallet that you can either link directly to your bank account or top up manually.Deposits and withdrawals are therefore equally possible. Built-in buyer protection also ensures maximum security. In addition, you usually don’t have to calculate any fees or longer waiting times.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a feature available only to owners of Apple devices. For example, it might be an iPhone or iPad. You must also have a credit card to use this sports betting payment method. You now link this card to Apple’s payment service. Once this step is done, you can conveniently use the app for quick transfers.

If you now initiate a deposit via Apple Pay at the betting shop of your choice in Austria, you can confirm the process directly on your iPhone. Facial recognition or fingerprint sensor is sufficient for this. In addition, of course, you can also set a password and enter it to confirm.This method is fast, easy and very secure. However, not all bookmakers currently support this payment method.


A rather rare bitcoin-deposit option. Only a few betting shops in Austria currently cover such cryptocurrencies. If you have found the right provider and want to use this method of payment for sports betting, you should of course own this currency.This method can also provide extremely fast money transfers with maximum security. Since it is basically a digital wallet too, payments are also possible without problems. The biggest disadvantage of cryptocurrencies is definitely the low availability. You’ll have to put a little more effort into finding the right bookmaker with these payment options.

What is the best payment method for Austrian players?

In general, e-wallets are the most popular option in Austria, and for good reason. They’re fast, secure, and you can use them for both withdrawals and deposits. Klarna transfers are also great.

6 expert tips for betting in Austria

Gambling, including sports betting, is legal in Austria and there are various sports betting sites with a national license. However, under EU law, Austrian players can also access European bookmakers, of course licensed. Comparing different betting sites is often a good idea.

If you choose foreign betting sites, it is highly recommended to use a VPN. This way, your personal information will remain classified and you will feel safer.

Although soccer is by far the most popular sport in Austria, it is often less profitable than some other sports. For example, cyber sports, although a new market, can provide much higher winnings than soccer. All you have to do is start following the competition and react.

When betting on soccer, many experienced players will use different systems. These can either be system bets (creating the possibility of winning a receipt even if the match is guessed wrong), or bets on the same games but with different outcomes to eliminate the possibility of losing money.

There are also various casino sites in Austria, and many of them offer sports betting. These offers can be very attractive, especially because of the lucrative welcome bonuses that such casinos offer.

Live betting is quite popular among Austrians, especially when betting on the national league. This way, you can be at the stadium watching the match and bet on the same match at the same time. Quite a fascinating activity.

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